Antonia Vai - If you think about it video

Album: nincs kép
Előadó: Antonia Vai
Album: Keressük!
Szövegírók: Antonia Vai
Zeneszerzők: Antonia Vai
Kiadó: Keressük!
Stílus: Keressük!
Címkék: Keressük!
Megtekintve: Ma 2, összesen 618 alkalommal




Pontszám: 224 502


Oh, there are not enough days
but there are to many nights
Of to many boys catching my eyes
Save me from all these sins on my hands
Save me from words to dirty to write in the sand
He had cash, a steady carrier
I had a good tan, a few vodkas and beers
We ended up feeling so united and free
Until he had to run home to his family

We unraveled the nights, we slept through the days
Only came alive to the beats Andy played
I remember working hard but staying broke
How Nat, Lou and me got away with funny smokes
He was duty-bound and in such a rush
I had a doubtful smile every time he made me blush
He said; girl, why are you leaving me behind?
And I told my friends that guy couldn’t make up his mind

If you think about it, oh my love
I am all that you want anyway
I’ll let you think about it, oh my love
In the end of the day

“Looking for love” written in his face
Married, divorced, it’s a lonely chase
He said; maybe one day you will be the one
But I was just enjoying my time out in the sun
He said; oh god, when I’m coming, you’re gonna be there
Metaphorically speaking I’m not going anywhere
But once he came (and who to blame?) he had to go again
And wherever he left me I felt sorry for the man

We escaped when we could, one hour or two
Quick in the night, before the sky turned blue
Save me from promises and moments that fade
Save me from exceptions I actually made
He said; it’s here to stay, this feeling of mine
I never finished my thoughts, I just finished my wine
His heart thought of me but his mind refused
And I told my friends, that guy, he was way to confused

If you think about it, oh my love
I am all that you want anyway
I’ll let you think about it, oh my love
In the end of the day
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