L.L. Junior - Believe in god video

Album: nincs kép
Előadó: L.L. Junior
Album: Keressük!
Szövegírók: Keressük a szövegírót!
Zeneszerzők: Keressük a zeneszerzőt!
Kiadó: Keressük!
Stílus: Keressük!
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Pontszám: 21


Chorus :
You look up in the sky, and then you realize,
what Jesus secrefied,in that ain’t no lie!
Repent your sins now baby, believe in god o baby!
Just dry your tears away , and let Him heal your pain
Don’t think about tomorrow,He’ll show you the way.
Repent your sins now baby,beleive in God o baby!

Rap 1:
Once upon a time I knew a guy,who was at the top!
He never knew the word:stop,he had the best kind of spot
Of the cash and the fancy cars and beautiful girls,
But there was a problem ,he thought, he could rule the world.

I asked him-you have everything, now what you gonna do.
He said” This ain’t enough I gotta go bro’ on an’on.
But the more he wanted, so the more he got bored.
But after a few years he was so fed up and sick of it all
Money do not make nobody happy, it does for a little while,
And then you realize what means a complete life.
This big life brought a nervous depression to this guy
Once he was strong, but now he was broke down and cried.
I got a big house, with a big life, with a biggest bank account.
Tell me somebody, what happiness is all abaut?
I’m not satisfied with the life, I’m living right now.
I feel I should change one day, but I just don’t know how!


There was another guy, who wasn’t satisfied.
He started to rob a bank and did all kind of crimes.
Started with small ones and finished with bigs.
He treated with his people like you would just treat with a pigs.
Nobody could ever tell him just what to do.
He did whatever, he wanted to, when he was feeling to.
From his head to his toe he was heavy as a rock.
He couldn’t love anyone, on his heart there ws a lock.
He became an evil of evil a tousand times.
If somebody messed with him, for sure then he had to die.
No matter how hard he cried, no matter then who was right.
You couldn’t look in his eyes, when he easily said: die brotha’ bye!
But he had a sore spot and this was his ailing son,
When his son was dying, then he broke and prayed to god.
-Look down on me god, look what I gotta go through,
Once I was wrong but now I’ve changed, I trust in you.
Please help me out!!

Chorus 2x
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