Anna & the Barbies - Broken Medallion video

Előadó: Anna & the Barbies
Album: Medallion
Megjelenés: 2007
Hossz: 4:17
Szövegírók: Pásztor Anna
Pásztor Sámuel
Schöner Dániel
Zeneszerzők: Pásztor Anna
Pásztor Sámuel
Kiadó: CLS Records
Stílus: Alternatív
Címkék: Keressük!
Megtekintve: Ma 1, összesen 10198 alkalommal




Pontszám: -


record breaking fool………thin line………
between love and hate there lies a thin line,
which you crossed a long time ago,
and with no intention to ever go back,
how did you expect me to carry on like that?

-you were gettin’ away with murder-

well, the sound how blood rush through my vein
remained my alibi for existence,
just like a lonely lullaby from a distance
and as time went by, and the daylight was taken by the night,
the only way for copin’ was by
puttin’ the hope in the next day…
I know, that things should have been said,
but the words in my head got stuck chokin’
on my throat in, where no sound would be promotin’ sense,
as a consequence of an ill-hearted romance.
and what did I get on the top of all that?
well you were clamin’ that it was me aimin’,
and namin’, blamin’ the wrong person
by puttin’ the cursin’ on me!
uh’ let me tap into your query theory!
your reasons, depended on the seasons,
were very weary and barely makin’ any sense,
what a coincidence, with you I had to dance…

what a record breakin’, no mistakin’
fool I was, the way I was
makin’ my heart achin’ by fakin’ love!

-you were gettin’ away with…murder!
-I think I’m gonna cry

I’d often catch myself lying
next to you in the dark crying
I’m not lying, but bein’ in that bed
I was just about better off than dead…
so what was I supposed to hold onto,
when all you’ve given me is maybies,
some we could have had them babies,
ladies listen up, if what you cup is not up
to your top expectation, it’s about time
to come to realization! For god’s sake kid!
love is precious don’t fake it, and once
you have to make it happen,
you will need a weapon to fight for your
love rights, not even talking about,
once you leave the altar
all them lies you have to alter
just to serve the purpose of that circus,
where your only purchase is bein’ someone’s wife…
what a surprise when you come to realize
the obvious, you’ve been ripped off previous’
and continuously up to now…

what a record breakin’…

-you were gettin’ away with…

but with the dreams we had,
I’ll carry on, wear ’em,
like through a long war been
broken medallion…

but even now while I, try to regain control,
and just stroll as time rolls the ball of life
(long before I’ll be anyone’s wife)
some silly stuff still remained the same
like your name tattooed in my brain
at the in vain pain section, but with no question
in the future I’ll be makin’ my selection,
with much more care, and no man should dare
come even close to me, who supposed to be
a sweetheart, tryin’ to chart my heart
but his wise words ain’t weight more
then just a faint fart…
tryin’ to tell me who I am,
well oh, hello, and goodbye
mr. nowhere man!

what a record breakin’

-you were gettin’ away with…
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